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Lasers are a beam of focused light. They can travel much further than a conventional light source. The laser has changed the way we live in many ways. But what if we could do this with sound? An inventor, Woody Norris, has figured out a way to send a focused “beam” of sound. This allows the sound to travel over large distances without distortion. So, if you’ve ever been to a carnival, or concert, you know that the sound has to be cranked up to hear. And even then, it is distorted as the waves bounce around.

The hypersonic directional speaker is different. Since it can be focused and concentrated, it sounds like you’re listening to a local speaker. You could be 100 yards away and it sounds like it’s right next to you. And, you could have two friends standing 2 yards on either side and they wouldn’t hear it. That’s focus. Obviously, this is not meant as a large-scale broadcast tool, but it has some interesting possible applications.

The HSS Advantage:
    •    Ultimate control in audio placement
    •    Minimizes noise pollution
    •    Built-in amplifier
    •    Compact form factor
    •    Lightweight
    •    Least expensive hardware to purchase
    •    Least expensive hardware to install
    •    Lowest maintenance cost
    •    Total cost of ownership
    •    Leading provider of directed audio solutions for the digital signage industry

So how does it work? Well, I could give you the unfiltered version, but your head might explode. The gist of it is that the speaker sends out an ultrasonic signal. This signal interacts with the air and breaks into 3 surrounding signals, one of which is the audible signal. This signal gets “trapped” by the other 2 signals in a sound “cone.” This cone enables the sound to travel long distances without dispersion.


Discontinued product and replaced by the following product: http://www.nexnix.co.uk/products/hss_111_directional_speakers.php


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American Technology Corporation HSS-H450 HyperSonic Sound Technology Directional Loudspeakers

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