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Roman Baths
We used Goo rear projection paint to create a combined front and rear projection surface on clear acrylic for viewing on both sides. Project design by Paul Stroud at ScenaPro on behalf of Event Communication.
Ferrari/Shell Event
We recently supplied and installed our interactive floor system (see videos here), a Philips 42-3D6W02 42" 3D screen and a 20,000 ANSI Lumen Digital projector at an event held for Shell & Ferrari. We created the content for the interactive floor and 3D display and the projector was used to show video supplied by them.
LBI, London
At LBI we installed our adhesive projection foil along with the Whispering Window speaker system.
The foil created a screen viewable from both sides of the glass panel and the Whispering Window system turned all the glass panels into a speaker!!
Land Securities
A Hitachi Ultra short throw mirror projector and a Goo Digital Grey Light Screen
Magnet Kitchens
Top Kitchen designers Magnet combine both style and latest technology into there various store. Hitachi and Panasonic Plasmas are used to run advertising and also enhance client interaction during the kitchen design process taking place in there design cubicles. A 94" rear projection screen can also be found in a selection of stores.
O2 Store, London
The Basin Restaurant, Loughborough
CP Hart
CP Hart Kitchen Designers use a Hitachi Plasma Display in their show room to visualise their recent designs via a hidden DVD player. When necessary the designers can link up there laptops to the screen in order to interact with the clients during the design process instead of crowding around one small screen.
Goo Screen For Edge Blending 3 Projectors
DVD Authoring Company - London
NexNix supplied a custom made Goosystems front projection screen made from our Forex material and sprayed with CRT white Goo.
Kemp Little Law Firm - London
NexNix supplied a 40" Holoscreen with a Sharp PG-A20X Projector, a 42" Plasma Display and Kef speakers.
TXU (The Adelphi London)
TXU one of the worlds largest energy services company teamed up with us to design and install a state of the art video wall system that uses the ScorpionMPEG™ system devised by partners SEOS Ltd, which provides a windows based system to display many video outputs from various sources at the same time on the one screen, These can all be independently sized and positioned as required.

The video wall uses an industry standard LCD projector at SXGA resolution. Incorporated within the system are a DVD player, standard VCR and DVD camcorder enabling pre-recorded video to be displayed either as the main image or as an overlay. Real time playback is also possible via a web cam and there are PC inputs so that, for example, a laptop can be quickly connected to run a Power Point presentation which is displayed within its own window on the video wall. The system also has a hardware MPEG decoder which can output full screen and full frame rate MPEG videos.
Typical Boardroom Install
For this Boardroom install we have installed two wall mounted Hitachi 50" plasma displays.

These Plasma's are used for displaying Power Point presentations from a PC which is connected via the modified floor box's which are situated in the corner of each room, If the need for video payback is required we have installed a composite port into the wall so the customer can connect a video source to the unit easily.
Typical School Install
These pictures show some finished school room installs using CTX projectors and TDS 75” interactive white boards, each system has either its own Loudspeakers and mini amplifier mounted in the Dado Conduit around the room or the loudspeakers and projector are cabled back to the Amplifier and ProCon panel underneath the screen allowing PC and Audio/Video signals to be connected. There is also a 6’ Rear Projection screen installed between the two classrooms so that larger presentations can be made.
London Olympic Bid, Trafalgar Square